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dinsdag 1 augustus 2017

SUMMER Out Doors Napkins!


Feeling Great about

having - Stunning Colorful Napkins - for Your


Thank you - Design Enthousiast -
for having a look at Some of our Brand New Designs

Besides Our Great SUMMER TIME
Can-& Bottle Coolers We also have for you....,

Stunning Napkins....!!!

Especially for - Grill Masters - we have the....,


Fun BBQ Napkins:

BBQ Octopus White Paper Napkins
BBQ Octopus White Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Also Check Out the

Many Great Other
Matching Octopus BBQ Products!

Flower Photography:

Besides our 'Award Winning'
Flower Photography
we also have for you,

Stylish Flower Napkins:

Purple Tropical Flowers Paper Napkins
Purple Tropical Flowers Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio

White Rose Close Up Paper Napkins
White Rose Close Up Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Pink Water Lily Close Up Paper Napkins
Pink Water Lily Close Up Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Flower Pattern Napkins:

We always make an effort to find something Special for you, and this Hydrangea we discovered
is just a little different than many of the Hydrangea's you usually see,

Just a Subtle Difference:

This type of Hydrangea has white on the flower petal edges, giving this Napkin
just as the Stylish Serene White Rose Close Up Paper Napkin 
a tiny little subtle different Special Stylish Look.
Blue Hydrangea Pattern Cloth Napkin
Blue Hydrangea Pattern Cloth Napkin
by EdelhertDesignStudio

(BTW we also have this design on a Watch as you can see on:

Have a Look At The Great
Pattern Design here Above...,

(In that Screen Simply Click on the "+"
in the right corner below
to view an even bigger image)

and also at for example The

Stylish White Rose Napkin!

Practical Tip:

At EDS we obviously Like being in the Outdoors
around Fauna & Flora,
(for example
For Our Outdoor-Photography)

and we also like being in the Garden. Recently we actually had
a little SUMMER Party in the Garden. Only it was a little windy
so our Napkins almost blew away from our table,

So make sure you securing your Napkins with
a Napkin holder or with something of weight so that
they don't blow from your table.

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