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donderdag 20 juli 2017

TOP 5 Most Popular Products List,
Innovative Products & Frequent New Designs.


Thanks - Design Enthousiast - for stopping by

on this blog today,

While it's important for our continuity to develop lot's of great evergreen products
like for example the great Birthday Cards you can see in our...,


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We also have lot's of Great Innovative Products:

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 PHOTO GIFTS Collection and special

 Innovative Backpacks and
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dinsdag 18 juli 2017

We Have A Brand New Collection
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Thanks - Design Enthousiast - for having you on this blog,
I have something Special for you,
We have a Brand New Air Plane Collection that you  
can see 'Pop Up' with a selection of designs we have on products.

'Like A Bird In the Sky',

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And you can also Check Out Our Brand New Collection!
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Air Plane Collection
You can also read about this collection on our Travel Blog in a Blog Post titled:
We Are On Cloud 9 With Our Brand New Collection

maandag 3 juli 2017

You Probably Know The Funny Talking Parrot Already?
Check Out These Can - & Bottle Coolers & More!

Funny Talking Parrot Collection
Funny Talking Parrot Collection
by Edelhert Design Studio

Thanks - Design Enthousiast - for having a look at our Blog today,

Did you ever had a time that you thought

'This Must Be a Sign ...?'

Can Cooler with

Customizable Text:

The Funny Talking Parrot with a special - Text Balloon - with Customizable Text,
is one of our first successful designs that actually did make some sales,

In the Garden we have a few plastic colorful parrots, and today one fell on the ground
because of the wind, so we had to pick it up.

Reminding me that besides our recent Brand New
SUMMER TIME: Cartoon Octopus
Can - & Bottle Cooler Designs
We also already have several other  
Can- & Bottle Cooler Designs including

the Funny Talking Parrot Design,
So maybe there is a reason that the Parrot did ask
for our attention so, today I show you it in this blog post
to give it to your attention! :)

More Designs:

Look At Many More Can-
& Bottle Coolers

dinsdag 27 juni 2017

Get Inspired Too

Thanks - Nature Design Enthousiast - for (re)visiting this blog,

Do you Like a Challenge and did you ever Passionately
Engage yourself in Creative Contests...?

We participated at a Tulips Photo Contest
and recently we got an invitation for the prizegiving.

It was a great and interesting evening.

Especially very Inspiring was the presentation
from Nature Photographer Johan van der Wielen.

Freely translated the title was:

On Adventure through the Netherlands
~ Discovery Tour through the Delta ~

He started explaining that, Funny enough, from his huge
photo stock collection, he hardly had any Tulips.
Nevertheless he managed to deliver a great presentation
with lots of stunning photo's.

With his enthousiasm he really took us on an
adventure and discovery tour, as the title promissed.
He created a compelling story that kept you
at the tip of your seat from start to end.

He Inspired us to visit the natural area where he gives photo safaris.

We allways had the intention to go to the Oostvaarders Plassen,
and now we did. We took some beautiful photos there.
As you know, we make nature inspired designs.

For YOUR inspiration:

you can visit our Edelhert Design stores

you can visit the website of Johan van der Wielen:

maandag 26 juni 2017

SUMMER TIME: Keep it Cool,
with Our Great Can Cooler Desgins!

Thanks - Design Enthousiast - for having you, on our blog today,

Do you like practical products with FUN Inspiring Designs on them?

Here above you see one of our great
SUMMER TIME Can Cooler Designs

You might recognize this SUMMER TIME CARTOON OCTOPUS
from a recent previous blog post about the great SUMMER TIME BBQ Aprons

where you can also read about some other great
Summer Time
Octopus Designs

also on other Products as you can see here below:
See More Summer Time
Octopus Designs

Or More Other Octopus Designs

We also have loads of other Can- & Bottle Coolers
you can Choose from 

This Particular design here below is Customizable

You can Choose your own Background Color, and
you can put in your own Text/Name
in the Cartoon Style Text Balloon!

Look at Photography Can Coolers
---->> Look at More Can-
& Bottle Coolers

maandag 5 juni 2017

Brand New Colorful Flower Leggings
We have matching Shoes and T-shirts too!

Thank you - Nature Design Enthousiast - for having a look at our Blog Today,

Do you enjoy great looking designs?
Allium White and Purple Flowers App. T-Shirt
Allium White and Purple Flowers App. T-Shirt
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Allium Little Bulbs Legging
Allium Little Bulbs Legging
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Do you notice the 'Flowers & the Trees' when you are on the road?

This is How We Do it: 

Sometimes when driving by, you can discover
great flowers at the side of the road

We frequently stop to make photo's to use
for designs
and also frequently creating it
                              into special Stylish
                              Pattern Designs for you
as you can see in our....,

Colorful Flower Leggings Collection:

Colorful Flowers Leggings Collection
You discover Many Matching Products in our

Sports Collection

dinsdag 30 mei 2017

When Sunny BBQ-weather is here,
the Octopus Cartoon Aprons Apear!

Hello Design Enthousiast,
Great to have you on this Blog Today,

Don't you just Love Cartoon Characters...?

Recently in a previous blog post, I wrote
about a Cartoon Character that you might aready know,
The Culinary Cook Octopus Cartoon Design that I created
for among other things Father & Son Apron Designs.

Designs with The Octopus Cook, that will do great

as a great Fathers Day Gift,

- Culinary - only not specifically Seasonal,

Specifically for

BBQ Grill Masters:

Yesterday I made a somewhat similar design only now
a Special New Octopus Cartoon Design

- that also makes a great Fathers Day Gift - and is

                         Specifically for Summer Time
                         for you

                        BBQ Grill Masters!

BBQ Octopus Adult Apron
BBQ Octopus Adult Apron
by EdelhertDesignStudio

This Octopus Design on

Other Products:

BBQ Octopus Kids Apron
BBQ Octopus Kids Apron
by EdelhertDesignStudio

BBQ Octopus Round Button
BBQ Octopus Round Button
by EdelhertDesignStudio
BBQ Octopus Cust. Paper Plates
BBQ Octopus Cust. Paper Plates
by EdelhertDesignStudio
BBQ Octopus White Paper Napkins
BBQ Octopus White Paper Napkins
by EdelhertDesignStudio
BBQ Octopus Cust. Can Cooler
BBQ Octopus Cust. Can Cooler
by EdelhertDesignStudio


The Octopus is Everywhere!

You can also discover some great other
Summer Time
Octopus Designs

Like for example the Octopus Can Cooler

Or LOOK at All Octopus Designs