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donderdag 4 januari 2018

Happy New Year!

Thank You Again
For Having A Look At Our Unique Online YEAR BOOK!

We already received several Hundreds of Views, on our Twitter Page
It's incredible to see that you did take the
Time to click the link and
Browse through the unique pages, of our

Once Again the Link
to Our Online Yearbook:

To Go Directly to it,
for our new designs on products, photo competitions etc. After you Clicked the Link
You Can Easily Browse and capture all the interesting
and essential background info

with clicking the little ">" ARROW shape at the right
You can Turn the - Online - Pages.

(for full screen you can click on the (little square) icon in the right corner below)https://t.co/eadYy45rpA pic.twitter.com/5IBzKk1vMQ

— Edelhertdesignstudio (@dvanduuren1) 7 december 2017

dinsdag 2 januari 2018

Making TIME for Creating Art.

Thanks for
Your Incredible Feedback:

I did get some great feedback from you, about how you like
this special handpainted design,
So because of that a...,

Behind the Scene Insight About
The Making of the Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock:

Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock
Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock
by EdelhertDesignStudio

This particular Design is one of the many

Peacock Designs, and this one is Inspired by a Photo from
a Peacock taken in a Park in Madrid.
It's orignially painted on a porcelain plate.

Together with a group we take the time for Creating Art.
It's Inspiring and Relaxing.

It takes two gatherings to finish the Artwork:

1) Painting the Background

2) Painting the Details.

In between it goes into the Oven to fixate the Painting.

Peacock Designs Gifts:

                 Pacock Gifts More than 40 US$

                  Peacock Keepsake Box:

                           This Great Gift Idea is great to hold
                           Watches, Jewlery
, Photo's etc.

Peacock Gifts Between 20 and 40 US$

Peacoc Gifts between 20 and 40-US$ (Like the Peacock Design Wall Clock)

Other Peacock Gifts:

Peacock Gifts for Under US$ 20 (Pens)

Peacock Gifts for Under US$ 20 (Postcards)

Other Peacock Gifts for Under US$ 20

Read About an Other
'Making Off' Story in Our Blog Post Titled:

The Making Off
the Fantacy Toucan Bird Mosaik

woensdag 27 december 2017

Just A Few News Flashes;
You Can Browse Our Yearbook Online, & More!

Thank You
For Having A Look!

We already received several Hundreds of Views, on our Twitter Page
It's great to see that you did take the
Time to click the link and
Browse through the pages of our

Two News Flashes you can read more about on
Our Digital Camera-Ideas Blog:

Now You Can Browse Our YEARBOOK Online!!!

You Can Also Read About Our:

Nature Walks In Winter

And on Our TRAVEL Blog you can read about
Our Recent Notebooks & Journal Designs.

Discover Our Recently Designed
Notebooks & Journals

dinsdag 19 december 2017

TIME for Our Peacock Designs!

Here Below You see two of our
Recently Sold Pacock Designs:

Great Decorative Wall Clock:

Handpainted Peacock Wall Clock

(When you click on the "View All Media"-link in the Right Side Bar of our EDS-Webstore with clicking the Arrow-sign (">") to the right (when seeing a Christmas Message) you can 'Flip Through' several Peacock Gifts Collages and among other things See a Special 'Behind the Scene' Peacock Painting 'Making Off Image')

Peacock Keepsake Box:

This Great Gift Idea is great to hold
Watches, Jewlery
, Photo's etc.

DISCOVER Our Great Limited Time Offers NOW!!!
See Our Whole Peacock Gifts Collection

View Other EDS-Collecions

View Collections on ED-Travel
(LAST MINUTE INFO: we recently created some
- Brand New -
Travel Notebook Designs!

Read More About Peacock Designs
in our Blog post Titled:

Making TIME for Creating Art


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