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vrijdag 26 mei 2017

2 of Our Photos Have Been Selected!

Thanks for Checking out our blog Today,

I have some Exciting News,

For the Tulpenroute-Dronten Photo Competition 2017
they made a Selection of Photo's
to put on their website,

They Selected

Two of Our Photo's:

You can have a look at both of our Photo's at the link here below:
(and photo's of other contestants)

Photo Competition Selection 1
Photo Competition Selection 2

You can read more about Tulips in the Noord-Oost Polder
in our Previous post titled:
Sea of Flowers During The Tulips Tour
In the Reclaimed Land Noord-Oost Polder


Some of the Designs

we made from it:


Red Tulips Field Flip Flops
Red Tulips Field Flip Flops
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Tulips Field Zipz Low Top Shoes
Red Tulips Field Zipz Low Top Shoes
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Tulips Field Legging
Red Tulips Field Legging
by EdelhertDesignStudio

dinsdag 23 mei 2017

Tennis Polo Shirt Also Is
a Great Fathers Day Gift Idea!

Tennis Polo Shirt
Tennis Polo Shirt
by EdelhertDesignStudio

Thanks for visiting our Blog today,

Besides the Father & Son Apron Cartoon Design
you could read about in our recent blog post(s) here below, 
we also have a special Funny bright yellow
SMILE Tennis Ball Cartoon Design
for our Tennis Polo Shirts

While - Clothing - is amung our TOP5 Bestselling Products.....,

This Morning I was Happily Surprised to see our
Tennis Polo Shirt at the Latest Products Sold!

Happily Surprised because,
Recently with a friend of mine
we talked about possible Birthday Gift ideas. 

I did mention our Tennis Polo Shirt so because of that
I thought that he might have bought it.
But to my surprise it has been an other buyer.

Besides a great Birthday Gift it is also
      a Great Fathers Day Gift!
 So thanks so much for buying! :)

maandag 22 mei 2017

Great Ideas for Fathers Day!!!

Great to have you on this Blog Today,

We have some Great Ideas for Fathers Day!!!

Boa Image Desk Business Card Holder

It goes without saying that you can also discover
lot's of other Great Gift Ideas on for example:

Our Twitter Page

Where you can discover how the Desk Business Card Holder is featured
at one of the great supporting blogs in the Zazzle Community!!!
                    Great Idea for Fathers Day!

(one of the Blogs we follow as  
you can see here in the right side bar.)

Or just simply have a look at all the other Great Fathers Day Gifts in our:

Business Gifts Collection

Or how about Checking Out this great Cartoon Design.....,

Father & Son Aprons!!!

Octopus Cook Chefs ButtonOctopus Cook Chefs Button
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Octopus Cook Kids Apron
Octopus Cook Kids Apron
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Octopus Cook Adult Apron
Octopus Cook Adult Apron
by EdelhertDesignStudio

vrijdag 12 mei 2017

New Yellow & Orange Tulips Designs
Tulips from Own Garden!

Thanks for visiting
this blog Today....,

While we recently had some designs
from Photo's made during
the Tulips Tour
In the Noord-Oost Polder
These Yellow and Orange tulips are from the own garden,
and with the sun shining threw it gives a real feeling of summer!

Three Yellow and Orange Tulips
Womens App. T-Shirt Three Yellow and Orange Tulips Womens App. T-Shirt
Three Yellow and Orange Tulips Womens App. T-Shirt
by EdelhertDesignStudio

vrijdag 5 mei 2017

Sea of Flowers During The Tulips Tour
In the Reclaimed Land Noord-Oost Polder

Thanks for having you
on this Blog Today...,

Holland is a flower country.
Keukenhof and the westcoast area are well known
and worthwhile to visit.

Reclaimed Land:

The last years there is a new area in reclaimed land: Noord-Oost Polder.

While the land has been reclaimed from the Sea, around Spring time, it looks like
the Sea has been replaced by a different kind of Sea, an Impressive Sea of Flowers!
(as you can see in the photo here above)

  There is a Tulips Tour (the Tulpen Route Dronten) which you can do
walking, cycling or by car. This year 2017 this route was from April 22. till May 7th.

Great Inspiration for New Designs!

We visited this route, it was very inspirational, and we took a massive amount
of great new photos to make new designs from!

To give you an idea just a few of our New Designs here below:

Read more about this Watch

Read more about this Button

Read more about this button

(After clicking any of the above links, you can click
the Magnifying glass image to see product full screen)

See More:

You can also see the special
Red and White Tulip Legging

You can see more in the
Netherlands Collection from our EDT-store.
And more will follow!

Last Minute Info:


We also did Submit a few of our Photo's for the Tulpenroute-Dronten Photo Competition and
Two of our Photo's have been selected!  
You can read more about that on a blog post titled:


vrijdag 28 april 2017

Newly Added Pinterest Board
with Pattern Designs

Hello Design Enthousiast!

Thanks for visiting today,

As you could read in a previous blog post Titled:
New We Started On Pinterest! we recently started
with creating Pinterest Boards.

We Added a New Pinterest Board

With Pattern Designs:



How to See More Pins On the Boards?

You can simply  scroll down within the boards themselves 
to see more pins.

See More EDS Pinterest Boards:  

More EDS Pinterest Boards