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vrijdag 26 mei 2017

2 of Our Photos Have Been Selected!

Thanks for Checking out our blog Today,

Have you ever entered any contests? waiting for
the results to come in...?

I have some Exciting News,

For the Tulpenroute-Dronten Photo Competition 2017
they made a Selection of Photo's
to put on their website,

 They Selected

TWO of Our Photo's!

I am very curious about what Photo you like the most,

You can have a look at both of our Photo's at the link here below:
(and photo's of other contestants)

Photo Competition Selection 1
Photo Competition Selection 2

You can read more about Tulips in the Noord-Oost Polder
in our Previous post titled:
Sea of Flowers During The Tulips Tour
In the Reclaimed Land Noord-Oost Polder


Some of the Designs

we made from it:


Red Tulips Field Flip Flops
Red Tulips Field Flip Flops
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Tulips Field Zipz Low Top Shoes
Red Tulips Field Zipz Low Top Shoes
by EdelhertDesignStudio
Red Tulips Field Legging
Red Tulips Field Legging
by EdelhertDesignStudio

You can also read more in a previous blog post about
Making Unique Personal Photo Gifts

Your Thougths:

What foto or Design
do - you - like the most?

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