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dinsdag 11 april 2017

New we Started On Pinterest!

Great to have you on this blog today,

So that I can tell you all about....,

Several of Our Pinterest Boards:

For both EDS and EDT we started on Pinterest with
creating several - Pinterest Boards -


& a Shoes & Flipflops Board:

On EDS we started with a BESTSELLERS -
and a Shoes & Flipflops Board, as you can see here below:


How to See More Pins On the Boards?

You can scroll down within the boards themselves 
to see more pins.

We also have Pinterest Country Collection Boards 

on Edelhert Design Travel: 

You can also have a look
at our Pinterest Country Boards
on EdelhertDesignTravel

See More EDS Pinterest Boards:  

More EDS Pinterest Boards

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